Tuesday, December 11, 2012

winter clearing work under way

The maintenance staff has been busy so far this off-season working on the natural areas throughout the golf course. Maintenance foreman Carmen Castle has been using the bush-hog to cut down all the areas that were cleared last year for views along some of the soundside holes. Carmen has completed the back nine and will be moving to some of the areas on the front nine in the coming weeks. Staff members Eric Wolfgram, Rob Shaffer and assistant superintendent Ben Parker did a great job of clearing around the pond on the 14th hole and pulling up the large wax myrtles that had taken over around the edge of the pond. This has improved the line-of-site views from the back tees quite a bit. During the coming weeks we will also be clearing around the pond on the 1st hole. Assistant Ben Parker has done a great job with our winter herbicide sprays for poa and broadleaf weeds. We are spraying a product called Simazine which will take out any poa and a variety of winter broadleafs that may germinate this winter.Overall, the course is in great shape so take advantage of some of these warmer days we have had and get out and play a round of golf.

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