Wednesday, May 22, 2013

As some of you that have played lately may have noticed, we have had a contractor doing the repairs to our cart paths during the past two weeks. The damaged areas at #4 fwy and #9 tee have been repaired and the contractor is currently in the process of tearing out areas on #3. We will be completing some of the areas on the back nine such as #13,#15 and #16 while we are closed for aerification on the 29th of May so as not to inconvienience players. These repairs will be a huge improvement to our cart paths and should provide a much smoother ride around the course. Our aerification will take place on the 28th and 29th, right after Memorial Day. We will be punching the greens with a 1/2" hollow coring tine and topdressing and rolling the greens afterwards. The greens are growing well and should heal quickly with Mother Nature's help. I would also like to welcome our new Assistant Superintendent Robert Romney to The Currituck Club. Rob comes to us from The Pete Dye Golf Club in West Virginia and is a graduate of the University of Maryland.Welcome Rob and we look forward to providing members and guests with the best course conditions possible this season. Get out there and play some golf and please remember to repair your divots and ball marks. Thank you. Mike Terry - GCS

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