Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy New Year

It is the second day of the new year 2015 and we are hard at work on our usual winter projects. The staff is busy clearing all of the natural areas on the property as we do annually. We will continue to work on these areas through the winter as well as prunning the live oaks on the course. Our main focus right now is completing our winter weed control spraying. Assistant Superintendent Rob Romney is currently spraying simazine on the course "wall to wall" for winter broadleaf weeds and small poa annua plants. We will also be treating the collars around the greens with glyphosate (round-up) to clean up some of the stray bentgrass and clumpy poa plants. During the month of Feburary we will follow up the simazine application with another "wall to wall" application of Round-up to clean up whatever gets past the simazine which is mostly poa annua at that time. So far the winter weather has been pretty mild but I get the feeling that January and Feburary could get brutaly cold so get out there and enjoy the course before the temps get too cold. 

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